How You Can Make A Difference

How You Can Help Spread The Message Of Freedom To New Countries

In this video Steve Goss brings news from the countries where the two most significant revivals are happening right now and explains how you can make a real difference in helping this message of freedom spread into new countries.

Every four years we bring our country leaders from around the world together to encourage and equip them and our next meeting is coming up in May 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of our leaders around the world will raise the funds they need to get to "KL2018" themselves but some are simply not in a position to do that. But we really want them to come and get that encouragement and equipping.

While we have our most experienced leaders from around the world together in one place, we are planning to film a comprehensive set of training films for those who are planning to open FIC offices in new countries. Right now we have potential new leaders in Ghana, Rwanda, Liberia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, Israel, Myanmar, S. Korea, Thailand, Japan, Jamaica, Ecuador and Honduras. 

The total cost of getting everybody there who needs funding and of doing that crucial filming for future leaders is about 60,000 US dollars.

Some fantastic supporters have pledged to match whatever you can give with funds of their own up to half of the total amount needed. If you give $50 they will give $50. If you give $200 they will give $200. So you can make your gift go twice as far.

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Other Ways You Can Support FICMI

Picture: inmates in a Nigerian prison going through the Freedom In Christ Course.

We live in an unprecedented time of opportunity. In the last hundred years (with the exception of Western Europe) the Church has been growing hugely all around the world - in fact there are more Christians alive today than have ever died! The big question is this: will those converts go on to become fruitful disciples? Or will they keep drinking milk long after they should be on spiritual meat?

We are looking for partners to join us to equip the global Church to make real, fruitful disciples who go on to change the world. Will you join us?

Here are some ways you can make a difference: 

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