Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

FICM conducted a National Conference in Colombo with Dr.Anderson in 2009 with the steps to freedom course. An initial training of trainers for the Discipleship Course was held in March 2012. There is a great need to also translate and print the Discipleship resources in Sinhala and Tamil for the local churches. Plans are to conduct several training of trainers in English, Sinhala and Tamil in 2013. Eagerly anticipating the introduction of the Grace course in the Sri Lankan context as well. 

In Sri Lanka our vision is to make the resource available at affordable prices, conduct trainings for trainers in as many districts as possible, in order to expose a larger proportion of the national church to this extremely relevant discipleship resource. Thereafter it is our expectation that the Discipleship course would continue to be used by the local churches, and FICM Sri Lanka would continue to facilitate wherever the need is, by conducting Training of Trainers, developing the resources in the local context, introducing new resources, etc.


In Sri Lanka, FICM is partnering with the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL). Our vision is to see this resource being used by all churches in Sri Lanka at all levels .


Mailing Address: Jan Mack c/o NCEASL, 95, Galle Road, Dehiwala 10350.


Phone:+94 11 5511 358/9