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Freedom in Christ Ministries started in the United States in 1989.  The international office at that time was in La Habra, California under the leadership of Dr. Neil Anderson.  Neil started his conference speaking and book writing ministry in the United States and eventually took it overseas.  The FICM-USA office was moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2002 where it currently is located.  About six years ago we realized that there are thousands of individuals and hundreds of churches across America that have been impacted by the message and ministry of FICM.  We began praying that the Lord would enable us to discover those across the nation that are being called by God to start a ministry of freedom in their home church or hometown.  We then launched the "Community Freedom Ministry" strategy to equip these individuals through an online training institute, called "CFM University." The conclusion of that training is a four-day "live" Practicum where individuals are trained and launched into ministry. We now have over 100 trained volunteers in 25 different states and their numbers are growing every year.  To God  be the glory! 

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You can contact the FICM-USA office in Knoxville, Tennessee by calling 865-342-4000 or you can email us at info@ficm.org   Our ministry website is www.ficm.org

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