Support for Freedom In Christ in Ethiopia

Zemen has been involved in ministry with various mission organisations for more than 20 years including 2 years with SIM International. During that time, he established relationships with different churches and denominations. For several years now, after leaving SIM, he has served as a tent maker by doing translation work to support his family and travel to do trainings on behalf of FIC. He does not receive a salary from FIC so help for a car and ministry expenses is very important for the growth of FIC in Ethiopia. Zemen has a 9 year-old daughter and a six month-old daughter.

Through the generous support of donors, Zemen has been able to translate and publish the FIC Discipleship Course into the 2 main languages - Amharic and Oromo. The availability of the resources in the local languages has resulted in an overwhelming request for training by churches throughout Ethiopia depsite the current unstable socio-economic and political sitruation. There is a need for a 4-wheel drive to get to the rural areas as well as ministry expenses which are detailed below:

Cost:  $42,704 (including $28,095 in government duties/import tax)

        -$22,476 (already paid through sale of his old car and own funds)

        -$  3,000 (new donor gift)

       +$     854 (car title transfer fees)


         $ 18,082 needed to finish car purchase (seller is allowing installment payments after delivery in next month or two)

Additional auto fees: Full insurance 1 year $495

Other ministry needs for travel and ministry (Zemen covers his own living costs)

$90 per month auto expenses including ministry petrol, repairs

$675 per month for lodging and food while conducting ministry with his team of volunteers

$900 per month for pastors training fund to help with costs of travel to training events and food during the 3-day trainings. $45 covers the average cost per trainee for a training. Pastors are very poor in Etiopia and get little slary to live on.


Total monthly needs $1665

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